I thought this’d be easier to spread around since it’s a link right there and yeah.

Anyway, long story short I need money for eating disorder treatment, meds, and hospital bills. Even if you can’t donate, I’d really appreciate this spread around so it might be seen by those who can help. Thanks so much to everyone who does donate, because even a little tiny bit helps!

I know I can at least get the word out, you guys helped me get little Derp (who follows me around the house demanding food from me and I’m a sucker and feed him every time I should get video of this) so I figure that this can be spread around the same and I can get the help I need to recover faster!

Recovery means that I will be able to get a job, support myself and all around get my life going. I’ve been in treatment for 2 years, spent 188 days in the hospital in total for extended periods for intensive treatment for both my eating disorder, brain surgery, and seizure monitoring. 

All the money is going toward treatment, medication for my continuing seizures and both physical and psychological therapy I need.

Thanks for reading, and thanks so much to everyone who can help!